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Three Go-To Restaurants for the Filipino Family

DB Gloria Maris

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Eating out with the family over the weekend or during holidays has been an age-old Filipino tradition. In fact, lots of establishments, especially Chinese and Filipino restaurants, offer dishes that are sizable enough to feed a family of six, sometimes even more. Philippine culture is a culture of food, and choices are always aplenty for the Filipino family in the metro.

Known for their humongous servings, Chinese, Filipino and Japanese restaurants are the standard go-to places for Filipino families. Chances are, one would find most of those establishments packed on Saturdays and Sundays. We’re here to help you narrow down your options.

Gloria Maris (Chinese Food)

When thinking family dishes, Chinese food almost always comes up on top of the list, and Metro Manila has an abundance of restaurants that serve such. Over the years, Gloria Maris has earned the reputation for serving scrumptious dishes for the whole family, edging out its competitors. Robust flavors and large servings are its most common identifiers.

Signature Dishes:

  • Lemon Chicken – Gloria Maris’ lemon chicken is what one would consider an instant classic. The chicken tenders, slathered in yummy lemon sauce, are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The tartness of the lemon sauce seeps through the surface and blends perfectly with the chicken meat.
  • Hotpot & Dimsum – Gloria Maris is well known for its different kinds of hotpot and dimsum. Customers get to order large plates ranging from beef and chicken to seafood and vegetables. Their dimsum spread is also impressive, carrying favorites like shark’s fin siomai and hakaw, which can be accompanied by noodles and soup.
  • Yang Chao Fried Rice – Any fine Chinese meal isn’t complete without having a large plate of Yang Chao fried rice. True to its Cantonese roots, Gloria Maris’ version has a fine mixture of meat, seafood and spices, complimenting the establishment’s array of tasty entrees.

Kimpura (Japanese Food)

Japanese food and the Filipino palate come as the perfect pairing, as each cuisine bears a fine blend of sweetness and saltiness which is reminiscent of the basic flavors of some local dishes. Kimpura happens to be one of the primary choices when it comes to Japanese food in the Philippines. Its teppanyaki spread is unparalleled, with the meat and veggies cooked right in front of the restaurant guests.

Signature Dishes

  • Teppanyaki – With a combination of flair and flavor, Kimpura’s cooks put on a display, as they prepare tasty teppanyaki meals on the dinner table. The meat is tender and seasoned well while the seafood is fresh, all of which paired up with bean sprouts and Japanese fried rice (Gohan). The cooks are more than happy to take in special cooking requests from the guests.
  • Gohan – Part of the teppanyaki meal are generous servings of Gohan. Just like the meat and seafood, the fried rice is also prepared on the teppanyaki griddle, prepared with meat, carrots, choice greens and butter. Truth be told, Kimpura’s gohan is yummy enough to be eaten on its own, but its taste works even better with beef and seafood teppan. 

Sentro 1771 (Filipino Food) 

One of the remarkable things about Filipino food is that it can have a multitude of versions, carrying an assortment of subtle additions and blends, which varies per household. The same goes with local restaurants. Sentro 1771 knows this for a fact, as it serves Filipino-fusion meals aimed to please the palate and fill the tummy. No wonder families flock its Greenbelt and Serendra branches whenever they can.

Signature Dishes

  • Corned Beef Sinigang – Do not mistake the beef used in this wonderful dish as processed meat that came out of a can. Sentro utilizes tender cuts of meat to embellish the tart soup base as well as the choice greens. The mix of flavors pleasantly prances on one’s taste buds, which is why it is considered a family favorite.
  • Chicken Adobo sa Gata – As if the strong flavor of adobo isn’t enough, Chef Vicky Pacheco, the genius behind Sentro 1771, incorporated coconut milk to the popular local cuisine. The result is a unique gastronomic delight that imprints a tasty trail on the palates. The chicken is tender, with the meat taking in much of the flavor of the adobo and coconut milk mixture.
  • Seafood Bagoong Rice – Sentro happily provides a Filipino answer to Thai Bagoong Rice with the Seafood Bagoong Rice. Serving three to four people, the dish is topped with lavish amounts of seafood and has a nice salty kick to it, thanks to the incorporation of shrimp paste.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Kashmir (Indian Food) – Families who love a little adventure with their meals can try out this dainty Indian place in Makati. The tandoori chicken as well as the biryani rice attract both locals and Indian nationals to the restaurant.
  • Basil (Thai Food) – Basil’s Tom Yum Goong and Wagyu Beef with Basil are must-tries not just for families, but also for any hungry foodie.

Cover photo from gloriamaris.com

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