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The Cold Brew Coffee Trend


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There’s no denying that coffee is an every day ritual for many people. It’s a waker-upper for early morning office-workers a casual drink for afternoon catch-up sessions and an all-around snack for the Frappuccino fanatics.

And with all the demand for coffee now it’s no surprise that there’s yet another trend in town storming social media sites and getting double tapped on the oh so picturesque Instagram landscape – it goes by the name of cold brew coffee. It’s another great way to enjoy your everyday habit because it’s ready out of the fridge, no fuss and straight into a glass. And while cold brew has been around for quite some time now, it’s only starting to pick up a following. It must be the hyper fast-paced reality that we live in but we’re happy to see this fast class of good quality coffee in the limelight.

And to add to the cold coffee trend, something called Nitro Coffee is it’s crispier sweeter version. It’s infused with nitorgen and available on tap in your trendiest neighbourhood coffee shops. Watch this cool new Nitro Coffee Cold Brew in action:

You won’t get the slightly bubbly feel, but you’ll get a crisp, concentrated cup — in less time than other iced coffee methods.


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