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Stir-fry Quick Tips from Chef Ramsey and Chef Oliver


By Chrissie Torres / Leave a Comment

Stir-frying is a way of preparing food that is known to be relatively fast and painless. Having stir-fried so many different combinations of meat and vegetable during my first month of living away from my family (And my mom’s cooking), I’ve learned that stir-fry food is both fast, easy and delicious. Below, two top Chefs show us how to stir fry the right way.

On popular television channels, Chef Ramsey is more often viewed yelling profanities in the kitchen and making Chefs tremble in fear but in this next video, we see his more excitable self showing us the ropes on stir-frying beef fillet. Yum! I especially love his instructional on how to “shovel” the meat.

Up next is Jamie Oliver and his run down of all things stir-fry. Consider this next video your ultimate brief for your upcoming stir-fry cook out. Get your notes ready as he runs down on his best tips on everything from equipment to ingredients and lastly how to ace that toss.

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