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Instagram Food Feeds to Follow


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In this day and age, food constantly endures the same scrutiny that teenage girls do concerning their looks. With Instagram, Pinterest and social media in general influencing what’s trending in food, presentation is key for restaurants hoping to get a buzz and racking up user-generated and voluntary posts, likes and shares. And if this new trend has encouraged restauranteurs to up their plating then we’re all the more thankful!

These 10 drool-worthy Instagram accounts show just how beautiful food can look when styled accordingly. Just be sure to grab a bite to eat before diving into their feeds. Food envy and extreme hunger are to be expected.

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Melina Hammer

Janine Kalesis

Cynthia Groseclose

Simon Andrews

Sam Linsell

Julie Lee

Kate Wesson

Carrie Purcell

Meeta K. Wolff

Chef Jacques La Merde



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