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I Scream for this Ice Cream


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Now, I’m not usually a big dessert person so it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to the sweeter side of a meal. But one particular brand did just that. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine (who happens to be a chef) introduced me to this homemade, “gourmet” ice cream brand, Pinkerton. When he told me that their ice cream was one of the best he’d ever tasted, I was skeptical – “it’s just ice cream”, I thought. But the second that silky, creamy delight hit my tongue, I knew that this wasn’t “just ice cream”. Even a non-dessert person like me can appreciate a dessert that uses only the best ingredients, and Pinkerton does just that. Plus, their flavors are unusual enough to keep you interested – Banana Nutella, Honey Rosemary, Candied Maple Bacon, and Dulce De Leche Sea Salt to name just a few. My personal favorite? Cinnamon! A scoop of Pinkerton Cinnamon ice cream on top of a slice of hot apple pie and it’s goodnight world!

I’m not sure where Pinkerton can be found, though I know it is sold through various restaurants and through selected Rustans Fresh outlets. For more details, check out http://www.pinkerton.com.ph. I just hope that the makers of Pinkerton stay passionate about their craft and never ever settle for less.

Photo Source: Image was taken from Pinkerton Ice Cream Facebook page

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