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Eat Like A Local: BF Homes Edition


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The cozy neighborhood of BF Homes, Paranaque, is home to quaint cafes, exotic cuisine, and homegrown favorites sure to appeal to any foodie willing to take a quick trip down south. With new restaurant concepts popping up regularly, and a laid-back feel distinctly its own, BF Homes has rightfully earned a spot as one of the go-to destinations for those in search of an answer to that perennial dilemma: saan tayo kakain?

While the multitude of culinary choices offered along the stretch of Aguirre Avenue can seem overwhelming to a first-timer, you need not worry on missing out on anything. Here are our top 6 picks for where to go and what to eat. Take our word for it: this is our hood, yo! The best part is, if you’ve had your fill and it’s still not enough, it’s not that far of a drive to go for Round 2.


In the mood for: hearty meals with a homey feel

Where to go: Mama Lou’s

Imagine going home every Sunday to your mother’s cooking, with all the food spread out for the family to enjoy. Time slows down and you can savor each bite. That’s what Mama Lou’s feels like. Tucked in a quiet corner of Tropical Resort, this is the place to go for authentic Italian cuisine.

Their thin-crust Quattro Formaggi is the cheesiest cheese party this side of the world, and their Risotto Tartufo Funghi (wild mushroom and truffle cream risotto) will convert even carb-avoiding dieters to risotto lovers. If you’re looking for something heavier, theFilet Mignon is top-notch, wrapped in bacon and served with tasty brown mushroom sauce.


In the mood for: fresh Japanese food on the cheap!

Where to go: Tatsunoko (formerly Bento-ya)

It would be easy to overlook this small hole-in-the-wall near the BF Homes Lopez gate, but then you’d definitely be missing out on one of the best Japanese restaurants in the South. Their big servings are easy on the wallet and served as fresh and as delicious as they come. The California maki is one of the best we’ve ever tasted, and they certainly don’t skimp on the Japanese mayo. Don’t miss out on their beef gyudon and beef sukiyaki – the tender beef and sweet-salty broth is downright addicting!


In the mood for: fresh Japanese food…with a twist!

Where to go: Sensei Sushi

Feeling experimental? Give your taste buds a break from the usual with Sensei Sushi. This small intimate restaurant by Chef Bruce Ricketts is tucked between a Korean grocery store and a Thai massage place, and bases its menu on what’s available in the market, so you’re sure to enjoy only the freshest meals. Take your pick from the specials on their chalkboard menu!

Some tried and tested favorites: Their spicy pork ramen, made with homemade ramen noodles and pork confit, is so good that it gives the big ramen establishments a run for their money. Their ebi tempura is a generous serving of 6 tiger prawns with just the right crunch, and the thick soft slabs of chutoro sashimi will have you dreaming of sushi all night long. Make sure to wash it all down with a cup of sake!


In the mood for: third-wave, handcrafted coffee roasted to your heart’s delight

Where to go: Magnum Opus

Coffee purists will find a home away from home in this cozy café hidden away in the 2nd floor of an unassuming white building on the corner of Elizalde and Aguirre. Wooden furniture and chill electronic music contribute to the peaceful ambience, while the al-fresco dining is perfect for catching up with friends.

The menu is not for the uninitiated, offering espresso-based creations which they can serve warm or iced, as well as light desserts and sandwiches. They pride themselves on treating each coffee as a grand creation (hence “Magnum Opus”), but the real masterpiece is the Belgian Heartbreak: the kind of heartbreak that keeps you coming back for more, as the textured milk and the creamy dark chocolate swirl in perfect tandem as the jolt of espresso keeps you up enough to last into the night.

Oh, and as a bonus for Doctor Who fans out there: They have a TARDIS toilet.


In the mood for: a laid-back night with your friends, where you can enjoy big meals and good drinks

Where to go: Mulligan’s Irish Gastro Pub

There’s no shortage of watering holes in BF, but Mulligan’s stands out from all the rest with its unassuming vibe and sports bar interiors. All 3 branches of Mulligan’s are full to bursting on game nights, and if you can manage to score a table, it’s a good night, guaranteed.


In the mood for: washing away the night’s (bad) decisions with a good but affordable meal

Where to go: Gourmet’s Palate Charbroiled Burgers

The news that Gourmet’s Palate had closed down caused a mini-heart attack among long-time devotees, who affectionately refer to it as “Charbs”. This old reliable, which has been a cornerstone of the BF gastronomical scene, is the perfect place to run to for a palate cleanser after a night of drinking and debauchery. Damage to the pocket is minimal, as your P200 definitely goes a long way here. Major bonus points: they’re open until the wee hours of the morning!

Though they are known for their burgers like the famous Blue Thunder (a charbroiled beef patty and blue cheese concoction, everyone’s recommendation), they also offer a good mix of rice meals, sizzling plate meals, Mexican fare, and desserts. Their takaw rice bowls are a sure crowd-pleaser: nothing beats a hefty serving of fried rice mixed with a generous heaping of vegetables and meat after all that beer.



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