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I have such a horrible sweet tooth, for chocolate in particular. It’s so bad that I cannot go a day without it. No kidding. I love it so much that I can… I won’t go into it. Let’s just keep it at “I’m Loren and I’m a chocoholic.” Having travelled to different places, I’ve tried a lot of chocolate that is just heartbreakingly unavailable in the local market. Join me in mourning as I list down my all-time favourites that just aren’t easily accessible here and/or have been discontinued. (Gasps)

We begin with Kinder Surprise – sound off in the comments below if you’ve ever had this egg of goodness! It’s a super delicious thin chocolate shell made of milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside. You eat through the shell to reveal another plastic egg that contains a buildable puzzle or toy! Yummy chocolate that also challenges you? Talk about brain food!

Status: Discontinued and I constantly question: WHY?!

Kinder bars are the cousin of Kinder Surprise. Since I don’t necessarily enjoy the tinker/build-a-toy part, I much preferred these because this stuff is literally the chocolate egg part turned into a huge bar of chocolatey goodness! It’s always what I ask people to bring home for me if they travel and I carefully ration these bars for longevity.

Status: Available locally only in the DUTY FREE. And no people, Kinder Bueno doesn’t even come close to these bars.

Daim is an interesting candy bar that happens to be a crunch butter almond center and coated with milk chocolate. It’s crunchy and has such an interesting taste; I love it. What I hate is that I haven’t had it in FOREVER. Bummer.

Status: Not available locally. Not that I know of. If it is, comment where to find it below!

Cadbury Creme Eggs are little chocolate eggs that have a yellow, yolk-like creamy fondant filling. I don’t know what it is about me and chocolate eggs but these in particular are so yummy! I just love them! I also mourn because I can’t find them here.

Status: Not available locally. Can someone bring me some?

Guylian – now these chocolates which are so sinfully good are available locally. In fact, they’re widely available. They take the shape of things from the sea; shells and shrimp and whatnot. What they are, are super creamy hazelnut praline chocolates that will have you savouring every bite.

Status: The only reason they’re on this list is because they are ridiculously expensive in the Philippines. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise, as I’d probably down a box of these on the weekly. No bueno!

I would certainly love to know if any of the aforementioned can be more easily found locally!

Stay hungry,
Lauren Lin
Your friendly neighbourhood chocolate addict

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